Jia Ern Loy

I am a postdoctoral researcher with a background in psychology, linguistics, and cognitive science. I am broadly interested in the pragmatics of how we interact and communicate. My work has covered a variety of pragmatic phenomena including implicature, overspecification, and audience design.

I am currently part of Vera Demberg's lab at Saarland University, where I work on individual differences in discourse and pragmatics. My recent work looks at individual differences in perspective-taking and human-computer interaction.

I was previously a postdoc at the Centre for Language Evolution at the University of Edinburgh, where I was part of Kenny Smith's project on the evolution of linguistic complexity. My work examined how inferences about our interlocutors' linguistic or communicative context influence language use during interaction.

My PhD work with Martin Corley and Hannah Rohde made use of eye- and mouse-tracking paradigms to investigate the the role of disfluencies in listeners' on-line pragmatic inferences, focussing on the comprehension of deception and scalar implicatures.

Here are some projects I'm working on: osf.io/hd6js

You can contact me at: jialoy@coli.uni-saarland.de


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conference proceedings/presentations

Loy, J. E. & Demberg, V. (2022) Partner effects and individual differences on perspective taking. In Proceedings of the 44th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. pdf

Loy, J. E. & Smith, K. (2020) Influence of partner behaviour on overspecification. In Proceedings of the 42nd Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. pdf

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Loy, J. E., Rohde, H. & Corley, M. (2015) The truth about lying: Pragmatic judgements about speaker reliability are made on-line. Talk at the 21st AMLaP conference.

PhD thesis

Loy, J. E. (2018) Effects of manner of delivery in on-line pragmatic inferences. pdf (UoE archives)

Courses taught:

Paralinguistic and extralinguistic signals in communication (Summer semester 2023)

Interaction and language adaptation (Summer semester 2022)

Experimental pragmatics (Winter semester 2021/22)

Individual differences and language processing (Summer semester 2021)

Introduction to Cognitive Science Python guest lectures (2018--2020)


Introduction to Cognitive Science Python programming labs (2015--2017)

Research Methods and Statistics 2 and 3 Statistics and R labs (2016--2017)

Research supervised:

I am interested in supervising research on a range of topics relating to dialogue/interaction, individual differences, pragmatics, disfluencies, and deception. Some projects I have co-supervised in the past include:

Projects I am currently supervising:

Some fun projects in my spare time

recordthis: HTML/js scripts for a web-based recording tool (useful for remote recording of experiment stims/audio)

codethis: python-based GUI for annotating sound files to csv output (currently only in Linux)

Demo versions of some of my online experiments

Monster building

Referring expression naturalistic passage completion (Demberg, Kravtchenko & Loy, 2023; Experiment 3)

Spatial perspective taking: modern robot partner condition, basic robot partner condition (Loy & Demberg, 2022)

Individual differences: OSpan task

Individual differences: Faux Pas task

Individual differences: Keep track task

Individual differences: Object perspective test